About us

Vonne4u is an online clothing store that provides services for driven business women with an active social life. We cater to women who are just overall too busy to worry about the hassle of keeping up with the fashion world. We provide 3 areas of service: Personal Shopper, Clothing Concierge, and Closet Overhaul. The Personal Shopper service benefits those who are weary of online shopping because there is always a risk that either the clothes will not fit, arrive not as described, arrive late, or not arrive at all. It’s also beneficial to women who just dislike fighting for parking spaces, being in crowded stores, or witnessing the lack of good customer service when they go out to shop. Our Clothing Concierge allows woman to try on clothes they see on our online store in the privacy of their own home or business while receiving personable customer service. Customers can try on as many options as they like and not worry about paying for items they don’t like or the hassle of returns. Our Closet Overhaul service allows women to sit back and relax as we clean out your closet and donate all the items you choose to part with to those who are in need. 


Contact us:

Phone: (757) 598-3280

Email: info@vonne4u.com



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